Mugabe’s tuck shop

Mugabe’s tuck shop


This is a breakdown of how the Finance Minster Patrick Chinamsa and President Robert G. Mugabe have been running Zimbabwe as a tuck shop.

The expenditure below shows only what has been spent by President Mugabe excluding all other government officials expenditure, partly excluding expenditure by Grace Mugabe and first family.

How Mugabe spends Zimbabwe’s money
Zimbabwe government spending 2015 (US$)

* Presidential travel (foreign domestic): $33.8 million
* Capital items for secondary schools: $0…
* State residences: $6.6 million
* Capital items for health service: $6 million
* President’s “hospitality”: $768,000
* Capital items for primary schools: $0
* Maintaining the President’s cars: $387,000
* Capital items for universities: $17,700




Source: Blue Book, Zimbabwe finance ministry [Channel Zim]

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