Mutsvangwa son rapes friend

Mutsvangwa son rapes friend

A 36 year old son of former war veterans’ minister, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who is also a boss at Anjin Diamonds, was Friday dragged to court accused of luring a 43 year old friend to his office where he raped her while she was having her menses.



Nevile Mutsvangwa appeared before magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe facing two counts of aggravated indecent assault and one of rape.

He was not asked to plead.

He was released on $50 bail and remanded to August 28with the state’s consent.

According to prosecutors, Nevile who resides at No’ 57 Wyndbee Road Philadelphia and works at Anjin Diamonds Harare, used to play casino with his victim at Borrowdale Race Course.

The court heard the two had a game on August 8.

The following day, the two played again and when they finished, Nevile offered the woman a lift to town.

The court heard that when they reached Harare Sports Club, Nevile diverted the route and drove to No’3San Fernando in the capital’s Avenues area.

He then opened the gate using a remote and drove inside where he purportedly invited the woman into his office and she followed.

According to the state, the woman asked for a toilet and Nevile directed her. When she came back into the office, the court heard, she was surprised to find Nevile naked sitting on the couch.

Nevile then allegedly told the woman that he had been admiring her for some time and wanted to have sex with her but she refused.

The court heard Nevile then grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her to kneel down before he forced his penis into her mouth.

Prosecutors allege that he then forced the complainant to suck his manhood before he forced her to undress herself.

It is alleged that he then wore a condom and raped her once.

When he finished, court heard that he noticed some blood on the condom as the woman was on her periods.

He is accused to have removed the condom and forced the woman to suck his manhood again until he ejaculated inside her mouth.

After the sexual attack, Mutsvangwa is alleged to have driven the woman to Msasa but she asked to be dropped in town.

Mutsvangwa then drove his victim to town comforting her not to cry before he offered her $20 which she refused to take.

The court heard Nevile dropped his victim at Joina City and she went straight to Harare Central Police Station where she reported the attack.

She was then taken to hospital and a medical report will be produced in court.

Sebastin Mutizirwa appeared for the state.

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