Opposition leaders, Tswangirai and Mujuru face Arrest

Opposition leaders, Tswangirai and Mujuru face Arrest

Shamiso Joylene Mtandwa Opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Joyce Mujuru will be arrested on site at the proposed NERA march scheduled for Harare tomorrow, Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo has threatened.

Speaking to the media last night, Chombo declared that the police will definitely pick up the opposition leaders who are going to be leading the historic march in

The visibly angry Chombo described Tsvangirai and Mujuru as spent political forces who are trying to garner relevance in the current volatile political situation by engaging the nation into demonstrations and riots.

These are spent political forces who can no longer fit in the current political environment and they are trying hard to build their relevance by engaging in violent acts and we will deal very hard with them,” he said.

“Tsvangirai and all those other opposition leaders who are going to be leading that march are definitely applying for prison and we shall pick them up there and then when the march goes wrong,” said Chombo.

Chombo was speaking in response to the anti President Robert Mugabe riots that erupted in the central business district in Harare yesterday, in which Zimbabweans refused to be cowed by riot police, resulting in running battles in the city centre.

Chombo was quick to blame the civil unrest on the opposition Movement for Democratic Change led by Tsvangirai

Almost all of the country’s major opposition political parties leaders will in a rare moment tomorrow lead their members in a march against the government in Harare.

The march expected to attract up to a hundred thousand people will be the biggest anti Mugabe demonstration of the several sporadic demonstrations that have been taking place throughout the country’s major urban centres.

Meanwhile, the capital city this morning woke up to an unusual high presence of heavily armed police and army patrols around the cbd and other usually volatile residential suburbs.

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