Overzealous cops Attacked

Overzealous cops Attacked

harare-demosMinister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees Tshinga Dube has condemned overzealous police officers who teargased minors in Makokoba.

About 40 children in Makokoba where admitted at Mpilo Central Hospital after police indiscriminately threw teargas at them three weeks ago during protests. Two are said to have died.

“It’s very sad that some police officers become overzealous and end up locking up minors.”Police must have enough sense in handling such issues because these children are usually easily swayed by other people,” said Dube.

Residents and civil society groups also condemned police brutality.Added Dube : “It’s very, very unfortunate. So what we can only do is to speak to their higher authorities. They (authorities) must look upon these issues very seriously. Kids are kids and you will find that anywhere in the world they are taken by storm, and if that happens, they want to be seen participating.”

“And if you ask why they are participating, they will not give you a satisfactory answer, but be that the case, the police officers must have enough sense to see that these are young people who need help, not baton sticks to be used on them or teargas. It’s just unfortunate.”

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