Pee-Kay Zim’s music king

Pee-Kay Zim’s music king

Most people who know a lot about Zimbabwean Music would agree if i say Pee-Kay is a music King. He has done a lot since he started back in 1999. Ladies and gents allow me to introduce you to the Ma1 hitmaker. Get inspired, Motivated and above all help us celebrate Zimbabwe’s greatest talent.


Patric Simbarashe Kahlari is a Zimbabwean Recording Artist affectionately known as Pee-kay. He grew up loving music but faced many challenges amongst them being pressure from griwibg up in a strong accademic family, the two where a mismatch.


Passion perseverance and hardwork became pillars of his musical journey. From days of Naughty by Nature, Coolio and Warren G, Peekay was an artist in the making. His sound and style became iconic in Night clubs, Parties and special events. His ability to tell stories through music touched many hearts resulting in him landing his first major record deal with then Miami based Rich Rapper digital contribution and world premier music in 2005.

Droping his solo debit album titled “Like ut or love it”. The ablum was recieved well on the internet but didnt go as he expected. It managed to land him a few international features on mixtapes. Back home due to lack of resources and little support from the media for local Hip Hop artists his album did not recieve as much desired exposure in comparison to the USA and Canada.


He has learnt a lot from the Zimbabwean music industry and has colaborated with the late Andy Brown, Diamond Musica and many other local artists. With this expirience he has produced the music genre which he referes to as tge Afro-centric hip hop. It is a brand new style , unique to zimbabwe which is fused with mbira and Jit (traditional Zimbabwean music) in it.


Together with his producer they came up with this concept to appeal and capture a wider audience be it younger or older. It has got that addictive tune and hook in shona. “We are sounding originalas much as possible be couse that is the way to go” he said.


This unique sound has landed him colaborations with Shyman of Zambia, KVO of Kenya, DJ C4 from Botswana, and quiet recently Speedy (Bongo Muffin) from South Africa and Award winning and Grammy nominated Jamaican hitmaker Busy Signal in 2014.


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