Police defy court order

Police defy court order



The Zimbabwe Republic Police has continued to reveal its anti-democracy tendencies as it violated a court order, that had legalized the anti-bond notes protest.

The police used teargas and sprays to dispatch the protestors who had staged a peaceful demonstration outside the Parliament early afternoon hours. Instead of getting answers, the protestors were dispatched through police brutality.


The demonstration was meant to demand answers from the government on its failure to manage this country and against the introduction of bond notes. The demonstration was made up of people from various backgrounds, but what has been historic about it was to see graduates wearing gowns and demonstrating against the government’s failure to live up to the 2 million jobs promised, but led to the loss off 2 million jobs.

The government of Zimbabwe has used the police to silence the people, and this has even made the police to act against a court order that had sanctioned the demonstrations. The Commissioner of Police has not responded to this violation of rule of law by the police, and it seems they are content with it.This is the second time this year that the court has overturned the decision by the police to deny citizens to stage peaceful demonstrations.It seems ZRP is not ready to be governed by the constitution of Zimbabwe. This hostile and unlawful conduct of the police is a clear violation of constitutional rights. Facebook Comments

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