Police powers usurped by Zanu Pf Youths

Police powers usurped by Zanu Pf Youths

HARARE- Zimbabwe Republic Police have recently been exposed of their savage nature as they have brutally beaten up innocent citizens -including those taking and not taking part in demonstrations-. Their allegiance to the ruling party was exposed yesterday, as the Zanu Pf Youths pledged to usurp the police powers, and be the ones who determine what goes around in the Harare CBD.

The Zanu Pf party has said that it would deploy its youth in the country’s streets to assist the police to crush any future anti-government protests. This clearly shows that the Zanu Pf has become the law of the land and they would defy any law to achieve their objectives.
In recent days, the opposition parties together with citizens have escalated protests demanding President Robert Mugabe’s immediate resignation for failing to run the affairs of the country.

The deputy secretary of the Zanu PF Youth League, Kudzai Chipanga, told hundreds of youths at the party’s headquarters that they would not allow the MDC and other pro-democracy groups to stage any protests saying only Zanu PF should be allowed to do what it wants at any time.

“Now they are beating up the police, they are looting in shops and destroying valuable property. We are the ruling party and we can’t allow them to continue to do that nonsense. As the youth, be ready to deal with them when they call for protests, next time they call for any demonstration we will also be in the streets to help the police to arrest them.
“You must therefore sleep with your cellphones under your pillows so that when you are called by the commissar you are in town quickly. The law provides for citizen arrests so don’t be afraid to deal with these malcontents. While they will be complaining about the situation in the country, we will be taking all white-owned farms and distributing them among ourselves so that we can grow our crops and get some residential stands,” said Chipanga.

In its statement the unpopular youth leader highlighted that Zanu Pf was still unlawfully occupying land and this unlawful occupation was merely based on race as he referred to white farmers. In his statement, Chipanga seemed to suggest that it doesn’t matter whether the demonstration has been authorized, what matters is that they will stop it by all means.

He told the party youths that only Zanu Pf party was allowed to do whatever it wanted and at any time. This would therefore mean, Zanu Pf refuses to accept the reality that Zimbabwe is no longer a one party state but is now a multi-party state.

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