President Mugabe Hires Youths and Singing Women to Attack War Vets

President Mugabe Hires Youths and Singing Women to Attack War Vets

In a dead end panic, President Robert Mugabe has hired youths and women to pretend as war veterans and attack liberation fighters who last week told him to resign with immediate effect.


While it has always been the case since the Gukurahundi 1980s period that Mugabe pays lobbyists to support him, the latest development is classic in that the photo-staging people are visibly different from genuine war veterans. Pictures and videos published by the state media Wednesday morning showed young unemployed teenage youths and hundreds of young women photo-bombing the ZANU PF headquarters while singing “Gushungo must continue as President.”

Two days ago former war veterans leader Joseph Chinotimba claimed to that all war veterans in Zimbabwe will be having their meeting at the place to voice out support for Robert Mugabe.

He even went on to say 100% of war vets are in Mugabe’s support.

But it turned out Wednesday morning that the so called war vets meeting has been convened by President Mugabe himself who is surrounded by hundreds of unemployed youths lured using free property stand dish-outs.

As the meeting continued, analysts said the development signifies a dead end for Mugabe as the facts on the ground show he no longer has any support from his benefactors, the war vets.

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