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President Mugabe Revives Gaddafi’s Dream of a United States of Africa

Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan president and now dead, had a dream. A dream that Africa should build a ‘USA’ under one president. Gaddafi’s ideal USA, as reported by BBC, would have a single military force, single currency and a single passport for Africans. That dream seemed to have gone with his death.

Robert Mugabe; the 92-year-old Zimbabwe president has now revived that conversation. The now Union (A.U), formerly Organization of African Unity (OAU) Speaking in Harare, the Zimbabwe capital stated that , Africa needs to move from regional blocks to a Union and that this dream needed to be pushed by a single president; the president of Africa.

The 36 years reigning president observed that this was the vision by the founding fathers of Africa in 1963; a continent economically, culturally and politically united. Critics however see this dream as untenable in a continent moving at different economic speeds and with diverse human rights approach.

Richard Bowden, the director, Royal African society states that for this dream to be a reality, individual states must build unity as most African states are divided among themselves.

Mugabe and Gaddafi

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