President Robert Mugabe in deadly military backlash

President Robert Mugabe in deadly military backlash

Zimbabwean Government has deported military and other security forces to sorrowing the protests-wrecked capital Harare while unleashing a crack unit to operate undercover to crack down on opposition and civil society groups stepping up pressure for President Mugabe to reform or quit.

All after the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe last week threatened to quell the current wave of demonstrations and riots rocking the country’s structure-induced stability saying what had happened in the Arab Spring was not going to happen in Zimbabwe. Furthermore saying Zimbabwe is not an Arab nation.

Nine lieutenant-colonels and 65 majors have from the Zimbabwe National Army and other senior Zimbabwe Defence Forces officers have been deployed under the cover of command agriculture, with some manoeuvring into strategic positions around Harare to position them to swiftly move and quash any revolt.

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