President Robert Mugabe Last Chance to Resign

President Robert Mugabe Last Chance to Resign

13901386_1583417758625111_2744935713279504531_nElinah Masanga For the first time in his tenure as president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe was last week told he is being given the last chance to resign honourably as the war veterans declared ‘we shall not endure your abuses anymore
Mr President, it must be nice, living in the blue roof mansion, eating what you want every day, flying where you want any day, ordering the arrests of hungry people for saying just that; we are hungry.

But Mr President the problem is when you see your own children starting to insult you in front of the new grandchild and that over-aged son-in-law, then you must stop and take a time to ask yourself what has gone wrong. But, if you don’t have time to do that or if the people around you are not telling you, then allow me to enlighten you today through this internet missive (I am hoping that someone will ask one of the typists from the government typing pool to print this one out for you, it’s easier for old people to read on paper than on computer screens)


Mr President, university graduates are playing bhora rechikweshe in the streets because they have nothing to do, industry has come to its knees; young girls are selling their bodies in the Mukuvisi area – opting for the slow death from HIV than sudden death from hunger; pregnant women are being asked to bring their own 20 litres of water at maternity wards in order to give birth – imagine Bona wailing in labour pain and having to carry a 20 liter container of water halfway across the country; children are dying of malnutrition, of hunger; women are walking into modern day slavery in countries like Kuwait because no one wants to live in Zimbabwe anymore – they’d rather be anywhere except their own motherland.

Our police force has become the most rotten in the world – fleecing what little cents they can in order to survive on meagre salaries which are never paid on time these days; you now spend government resources convening kangaroo courts, meetings and task forces to do a witch hunt in your own party on who no longer wants you in power – but you know that the whole of Zimbabwe no longer wants you in power.

Mr President, do you think all these things are happening because you have been an exceptionally good president for the last 36 years? Everyone is now an enemy to you, even the war vets that fought alongside you in the liberation struggle they are now all bad, you alone are the godsend genius that Zimbabwe needs. Really? Because what? What have you done since you went past the normal ten-year period a person can be president. Let me rephrase that; since you went past the ten-year mark a normal person can be president (I underline the word normal) .

If you are under any illusions or if you have amnesia (which is possible at your age) then let me remind you what you have done since you went past that ten-year mark; you have presided over the worst looting of Zimbabwe’s natural resources by the Chinese and your own ministers; you have made possible, for all Zimbabweans including yourself, the worst possible dignity erosion a people can suffer – Africa is laughing at us for being educated graduates mopping toilets in South Africa.

You have sat back and watched while Zanu pf youths killed, raped and maimed on behalf of your party; you have reduced the education of our children to little backdoor colleges run by teachers who cannot secure vacancies in the ministry of education – while ministry officials take bribes to leave those sub-standard colleges operating; you have reduced the bread basket of Africa to the begging bowl of the world. Concisely, you have destroyed the country completely. Mr President, are you not ashamed of sending Chinamasa to beg from the British whom you told Tony Blair to ‘keep your England I will keep my Zimbabwe? Ah, so what has gone wrong with your precious Zimbabwe now, that you want even the cold, ‘evil’ Britain to help. By the way, how come you are making efforts to beg and not to trace the 15 billion that vanished into thin air under your nose, while you were doing a great job for which you don’t want anyone to say you must go, when you know you must go?Now to you Amai Grace Mugabe; I must start by apologising if I have written bad things in the past, sometimes when a child is hungry it can say the first thing that comes to its mind. But I must also say, it must be nice, being married to the most powerful man in the land, one can get a PhD, build mansions and schools and convene rallies to boast about their slender figure. I am not one who likes women being shunned to gender roles, but it’s you who said it yourself you make most of your money through baking cakes and sewing; which are traditional roles a woman is expected to do in our male hegemonic society. So, today I will come to you with this womanly plea to a mother (there is no more nation to call you mother of the nation for); a good woman does not let her husband go off the rails for the love of money. A good woman protects the reputation of her family, look now you have lost respect and people now hate you so much that even the paternity of the children is being questioned. This is happening because you have displayed whoring tendencies by shouting in front of the world that your husband will stay in power until he dies, even if you will have to push him in a wheelchair. Please allow me to define the word whoring because I know people associate it with sleeping with men for money but according to Google, whoring is to ‘debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money’. You see, keeping a centenarian in a highly demanding job such as running a bankrupt country is the worst case of whoring, going by that definition given by Google.Really, is that the legacy you want to leave? That orphanage was a better way to be remembered by ( even though malicious and jealous people say it is a honey-trap to hide tax-free money in – them, not me)Amai, can you please ask Baba to step down. If you want we can ask Dr Joice Mujuru to forgive the mini-skirt verbal derogation you inflicted to ensure immunity if she becomes president, or we can write off Morgan Tsvangirai’s loan on the Highlands mansion in return for immunity if he becomes president, or we can apologise for Gukurahundi to do right by the Ndebele people so that Welshman Ncube can grant immunity if he becomes president, or we can stroke Biti’s ego and say he is better than Morgan in return for immunity if he becomes president. Immunity for what I hear you ask, well, I personally think you and your husband should be indicted for all the deaths of innocent Zimbabweans that your husband has caused by action or omission, and you precisely for bringing Zimbabwe into disrepute through your uncouth mouth.

Edinah Masanga is a Zimbabwean journalist and writer based in Sweden. You can contact her on Facebook or Twitter as @EdinahMasanga. Facebook Comments

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