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Prof Moyo in Twitter war with South Africans

Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Professor Jonathan Moyo has attracted the wrath of  Twitter users mainly from South Africa after he posted a tweet lampooning the South African economy

Compiled By Annegrett Dube



The Professor did not stop there.In a conversation with @nduna9 he further downgraded South Africa

prof 2

This prompted South Africans to react angrily to Moyo’s insinuations leading to the creation of the hashtag #SomeoneTellProfMoyo

South Africa’s International relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela retaliated by asking South Africans to weigh in on the issue


The result:

Jonathan Moyo is no stranger to feuding with South Africans,in June he was involved in a Twitter war with Former South African Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni. Mboweni accused Moyo of scuppering an R1 billion economic rescue package while millions of Zimbabweans suffered.

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