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PROPHECY President Robert Mugabe Resign

By Steve Blomefield. I have a word for President Robert Mugabe. It goes like this…

There is a growing spirit of lawlessness spreading throughout Zimbabwe and this is not good. God is not happy about It.

It started within the ranks of the Zanu PF party many years ago, when people in power started to believe that they could act without the rule of law, without fear of punishment.

I am not referring to the land invasions but with regard to how they did business dealings and how they gained and maintained personal financial, political power and power over personal enemies.
This has trickled down to the very grass roots now and is putting the whole nation in danger of a spirit of lawlessness breaking out leading to the burning of vehicles, businesses, government buildings and even murder.

With deep respect I must inform you that God is saying that your age and sickness and weakness has left a power vacuum that G40, lumuba, Mujuru, and many others aspire to fill.

You must resign and hand over power to Emmerson Mnangagwa who is a bridge between the Old Zanu war veterans and a new future cadre of youthfull government administrators, bureaucrats and ministers who are deeply rooted in Christian faith, Christian integrity, a love for the national community and who will bring about a spirit of hard work and excellence of work.

Mnangagwa is a lawyer, a businessman, is known by the Chinese, and has impeccable war veteran credentials. He is accepted by war veterans and the military. He is the most qualified to rule the country. He has the toughness necessary to re-establish the rule of law. It is critical that this lawnesness must be weakened and it will be weakened if you resign because hope will rise up in the heart and imagination of Zimbabweans.

The west is craving chaos so they can suddenly step in and promote their AMORAL and highly destructive agenda. Mnangagwa will protect Grace and will not hand you over to the Hague ICC. If you do this now your heritage will be established. If you do not resign your political, financial and social heritage will be undermined or even destroyed.

Remember Kamuzu Banda whose property holdings were dismantled after his death. Remember Mao’s wife who was left powerless after Mao’s death and was executed. It is not too late. Appoint Mnangagwa who has the toughness, legal ability and business sense to protect your heritage, and bring back the nation from the edge of chaos. With the deepest respect I urge you to obey God soonest. zimeye

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