Prophet Uebert Angel shows off his new Lamborghini

Prophet Uebert Angel shows off his new Lamborghini

Prophet Angel took to twitter to show off his new luxury vehicle. He posted a picture of himself with his son standing next to the car which is worth millions. The tweet which attracted a lot of attention on social media read, “the DIFFERENCE between MEN and BOYS is the PRICE of their TOYS!”

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The tweet caused a lot of backlash for the pastor as it offended many on the social media platforms. Many took it as a direct insult and a way of mocking the less privileged.

The prophet is worth millions as he owns many of these expensive luxury cars and has houses all over the world. He is one of the wealthiest prophets in the country however has since relocated since a Bentley scandal occurred in Zimbabwe. He tops the wealthy prophet list with the likes of Magaya and Makandiwa whose ministries have made millions.

The twitter post has since been deleted from the account of the Prophet perhaps due to some of the negative comments it received from the general public. The prophet did however get support from his congregation as they saw it as an inspirational post from their “papa” as the prophet is affectionately known by his supporters.

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