Robert Mugabe Begs Tsvangirai for Secret Talks Zimbabwe News Day Zimbabwe News Day

Robert Mugabe Begs Tsvangirai for Secret Talks

tsvangi_mugabe_Robert Mugabe’s securocrats have begun approaching the MDC-T seeking for some sort of a reunion in order to fix the economy, highly placed Morgan Tsvangirai sources have claimed.

Mugabe’s security agents who include Service Chiefs are the ones who have for years assisted President Robert Mugabe to “rig” elections and clinch onto power. In March 2008 after Mugabe was beaten in the first round of the Presidential polls by Morgan Tsvangirai, when the “junta” openly manipulated figures denying Tsvangirai his win.

They held on to the Presidential poll results for over six weeks and only to announce that Tsvangirai had not garnered enough votes that would allow him to take over from Mugabe.

“They (top security officers) are making concerted efforts trying to invite the party for talks,” said a senior official in Tsvangirai’s MDC party who cannot be named due to the sensitive nature of the discussions.

They continued, “they are saying we should meet as a party and assist government with ideas of how we could together shape the economy.

“But we are very careful because we do not trust these guys. Remember some of them have publicly declared their patronage to Zanu PF and have vowed to die for Mugabe .So ware treating them with due care”.

President Robert Mugabe’s Spokesman George Charamba was not available for comment at the time of writing as his phone kept ringing without being answered. zimeye


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