Robert Mugabe: Why is Obama not talking to me?

Robert Mugabe: Why is Obama not talking to me?

mugabe-sad-angry-sand-forlonPRESIDENT Robert Mugabe reportedly told a group of visiting American politicians that the US would wish they were ‘friendlier’ to him if Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Two Democratic politicians – Congressman Adam Schiff, from California, and Senator Chris Coons, from Delaware – have revealed a bizarre meeting with the Zimbabwean leader during a trip with a delegation examining wildlife conservation issues.

The Congressman visited Harare in February this year with the US embassy saying the trip would “enable the representatives to learn about issues of importance in the US-Zimbabwe bilateral relationship, including the protection and conservation of wildlife”.

Schiff explained the strange turn of events that confronted them during a meeting with Mugabe which Congressman was unaware they had even requested.

“As a matter of protocol, when you request a meeting with top ministers, you request a meeting with the President – but nobody has a meeting with Mugabe so there was little danger of it being accepted,” he said during a discussion held by political website Politico.

“So no one was more surprised when we got late word it had been accepted. I wasn’t even aware we’d asked.”

Coons said he had been to 24 countries in Africa but never had a more bizarre meeting with a head of state.

“It was like having thanksgiving with a crazy uncle you hadn’t seen in years where he says: Why aren’t we friends? How did we come unglued? Why is your President so uninterested in talking to me?’”

The group then explained why – the United States had begun imposing sanctions on the country from 2001 while condemning the government’s record on human rights and the rule of law and flawed elections

Coon continued the story of the meeting: “This produced a very awkward silence after which he looked at us and looked at his advisers and said: ”What about that Donald Trump, hey?’

“And they all laughed uproariously and he said: ‘Once he’s your president you’ll wish you had been friendlier to me’.”

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