Saviour Kasukuwere Slapped

Saviour Kasukuwere Slapped

Masvingo city mayor Councillor, Hubert Fidze has shot down Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere saying the council has no land to spare for Zanu PF youths.

In a desperate bid to drum up support and silence growing dissent, the ruling party promised youths residential stands in cities and towns across the country.   The youths were bribed so that they can masquerade as war veterans at Robert Mugabe’s Harare meeting yesterday.
However Fidze has said the council has no land to spare for Zanu PF youths. He said ruling party youths were expected to follow the normal process of applying for stands.

Fidze said the council would not authenticate Zanu PF’s campaign gimmick. “Zanu PF youths have been promised land for residential stands across the country but in Masvingo we do not have land for the ruling party’s projects. We believe that land should not be distributed on partisan grounds. The waiting list is ballooning because we do not have land at the moment.Maybe Zanu PF has other means of getting land,” said Fidze.

On the contrary Zanu PF provincial youth boss Nobert Ndaarombe said the party had already identified land that would soon be developed into residential stands.

;We are going to launch the project soon because other provinces have already launched the programme.We are working with Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere in the whole process so there is nothing to worry about ,”said Ndaarombe.

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