Several Men Killed taking Cyanide Poisoned Water

Several Men Killed taking Cyanide Poisoned Water

We are receiving some breaking news that four (4) Game Rangers from the National Parks and Wildlife Dept died after drinking poisoned water with cyanide yesterday afternoon.

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All members were at Mana Pools, a Zimbabwe source revealed.

Zimbabwean local poachers have killed over 400 elephants in the last two years by placing waterholes and salt licks with cyanide.Animals are drawn to them during the dry season.

Zimbabwean National Parks say the cyanide had been put by the residents. They sell the elephants’ tusks for around £300 each to cross-border traders. They can be resold in South Africa for up to £10,000 a pair, according to court papers relating one recent incident, sometimes re-emerging as carved artefacts such as bangles in Cape Town’s craft markets.

Zimbabwe has one of Africa’s biggest surviving elephant population since herds in neighbouring regions of Eastern, and poaching has severely damaged central Africa.

Conservationists say the African elephant is under serious threat at present due to the economic crisis prevailing countrywide.

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