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ShutDownZim-2 Continues Tomorrow as Pastor Mawarire Is Arrested

Pastor Evan Mawarire has been charged with section 36 for inciting public violence and disturbing peace.

The historic ShutDownZim-2 mass stay-away is continuing tomorrow (Wednesday) despite futile attempts by the police to harass Flag Pastor Evan Mawarire.
Mawarire was early morning Tuesday taken into police custody at CID Law and Order section at Harare Central Police station.
The ZRP is currently panicking in the face of the upcoming ShutDownZim-2 slated for Wednesday and Thursday in protest against the assaulting of protesters last week seen in shocking video footage.

A story circulating on Tuesday morning that Mawarire was last night abducted is false. The man slept at his home and freely walked into the police station shortly before 9am today accompanied by his lawyer.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights organisation’s advocate Harrison Nkomo walked in with the preacher.

Meanwhile across the country workers and business were at the time of writing preparing for the ShutDownZim-2 beginning in 17 hours’ time…


This article will be UPDATED LIVE as events unfold .

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