Shutup! Zimbabwe: Mugabe

Shutup! Zimbabwe: Mugabe




IN RESPONSE to SHUTDOWNZIMBABWE President R.G Mugabe has once again proved that he is not ready to give up or give in to the demands of his citizens. The President has lavishly told Zimbabweans to shut up and if they want to speak, then they should move to other countries where they sponsor people who stand up against the government. This he said at the burial of Dr. Charles Utete at the national shrine, Heroes Acre. In his speech, the president as he always does, diverted from the reason of the gathering to start to discredit Pastor Evan Mawarire calling him a fake pastor. The President said, the duty of Pastors is to preach unity and not to encourage people to stand up against the government. He said that there should be a clear line between politics and religion, and it is not the duty of the religious leaders to divulge in politics.

He called for Zimbabweans to stay united and in peace, and desist from all activities that cause unrest in the country.

His attack on Pastor Mawarire came soon after people were already questioning why the president or any ZANU PF official has never addressed the Pastor. Some people, including former ZANU PF members, have said that the oldest and only President that Zimbabwe has ever had was in fear. A decorated ZANU PF ex-combatant while being interviewed on eNCA’s Checkpoint  said that Mugabe had been shocked by the number of people who stood up against him, because all his entire political life he has been fooled to believe he had support from the people while people were being bused into his rallies.

The burial was attended by various dignitaries from ZANU PF party, the service chiefs, members of the Public Service Commission, and thousands of people who came to pay their last respect to Dr. Charles Utete.


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