SI 64/16 leads to more chaos

SI 64/16 leads to more chaos

The ban on some foreign import goods in Zimbabwe has resulted in the increase of incidents of smuggling by informal traders and private people along the border across the Limpopo River.

Zimbabweans are now using undesignated roads along the border where there is no fence and where army patrols are weak to smuggle the goods and farmers have now had to upgrade their security.

They are operating daily using open bakkies which are loaded to the limit. Across the river, the smugglers find some Zimbabwean smugglers, waiting to receive the goods.

The smugglers say they sometimes fall prey to criminals known as ‘maguma-guma’ who rob them of their goods. Some travellers say the new trade laws in Zimbabwe have left them with no choice but to use illegal means.


– zimchannel

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