Sleeping Mugabe travels to United States to Sleep

Sleeping Mugabe travels to United States to Sleep

President Robert Mugabe lands in the US for the UN summit at the weekend.

Zimbabweans are salivating for every serious journalist to aim their cameras at the worlds oldest president at 92-year-old so to later play back “what the man does in meetings while blowing our taxpayer money,” as one wrote during the week.

President Robert Mugabe captured on camera sleeping during his 11th time the man has dozed through crucial meetings.

At the summit will be scores of Zimbabweans led by Pastor Evan Mawarire and Sten Zvorwadza also lurking to view and mock the 92-year-old Centurion.


Will Mugabe survive the long session in the UN building and not close his eyes? (PICTURES BELOW):


Everyone wide awake

Everyone wide awake


President Mugabe Sleeping


Presient Mugabe Sleeping

President Sleeping

Mugabe sleeping


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