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Swazi King’ son loses $5 000 to drinking mates

KingMswatiA night of fun and drinks ended amid ugly scenes at Avani Hotel (formerly Gaborone Sun) on Sunday night when Swaziland’s King Mswati III’s son lost US$5 000.00, allegedly to his drinking mates. The Voice reported that Swati Prince (23) who had accompanied his father to the SADC Summit had lodged with other family members at Avani Hotel and on the same night he is said to have invited his Motswana friend for drinks.

They were later joined by two other drinking buddies, a 28-year old female street vendor and her 22-year old male friend- whose names are known to The Voice, and drank till they went to sleep in the Prince’s room.

When the Prince woke up the following morning,the drinking buddies had already left but some of his valuables which included an iPhone 5 valued at P5000.00, Rodger Dubious watch worth P400 000.00 and US$5 000.00 cash were missing.

The matter was said to have been reported at Central Police Station and the two suspects were traced and arrested at New Canada location and the iPhone was recovered from the lady’s house while the wrist watch was later found wrapped in a toilet paper and hidden in the hotel room.

Acting Station Commander for Central Police Station, Keoagile Tau, said he was yet to receive the report. “So many stakeholders are involved in the case and it’ll probably take a while for me to get that information and I’m not even sure if I’ll be the right person to give you the information,” he said this afternoon. thevoice

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