#Tajamuka To Defy Stupid State Of Emergency

#Tajamuka To Defy Stupid State Of Emergency

Staff Reporter The militant pro democracy group Tajamuka has lifted its middle finger at Statutory Instrument 101a OF 2016, which bans demonstrations in Harare for two weeks, and will defy this. Below is a statement the group issued earlier on.


TAJAMUKA/SESJIKILE rubbishes Zanu-pf political statement called Statutory Instrument 101a of 2016. This is not a legal document and as such Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign will not listen or in any way attempt to confirm to that piece of shit. Zimbabweans cannot be servants of Jonathan Moyo politics; we had POSA and no more. The attempt by Jonathan Moyo to push himself close to ailing Robert Mugabe as a strategist through an extended POSA scheme like SI 101a of 2016 should never be allowed to kick-start. We are aware of the plans to ban constitutionally allowed demonstrations in perpetuity nationally and we refuse to have Harare as a laboratory of such a testing case. We will continue to be guided by Constitution Amendment 20 and will not waste our valuable time by instituting any legal challenge. Those boardroom solutions will continue to be the strategy of our SMART LAWYERS and other Civic Society Organizations.
We are informed the bankrupt government has no teargas (the tap water refilled at Harare City Council Fire Brigade and sprayed by water cannons on 26 August 2016 is evidence to this), there is no more money to fuel the tankers, and there is no willingness of progressive police officers to cooperate with their bosses on unlawful instructions whilst they have no pay or bonuses. This shit is an attempt to harass leadership of progressive political parties; CSOs, war veterans associations, progressive politicians in Zanu-pf, cross borders, Transport operators, and informal traders. This is an indirect DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY and further silence will end ALL OF US IN COLONIAL KEEPS.

We are reliably informed that the protesters who were arrested together with Promise Mkwananzi and those yet to be arrested are likely to be put under conditions of house arrest as a part of the REHABILITATION exercise that Minister Ignatius Chombo referred to in the past week. Our sources have further informed us that arrests are planned for leaders of social movements, popular campaigns, CSOs and opposition political parties to cripple Section 59 of Constitution Amendment 20.

TAJAMUKA/SESJIKILE CAMPAIGN will within two weeks challenge this cheap politics expressed through Statutory Instrument 101a of 2016 by holding a demonstration in Harare. This position is collectively shared by the broad composition of TAJAMUKA/SESJIKILE. WE therefore urge Zimbabweans to ignore and defy this satanic instrument spearheaded by a faction in Zanu-pf bend on building personal empires.

The ONLY STATUTORY INSTRUMENT that the generality of progressive Zimbabweans accepts in the immediate resignation of Robert Mugabe and the enactment of a National Transitional Authority that preside over Electoral Reform in the country.


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