“There Will Be Bloodshed” Says Mugabe Ally

Jonathan Moyo

Former cabinet minister, has announced that Zimbabwe will face acts of bloodshed if international forces does not remove President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

During an interview with Reuters from an unknown location that took place Friday afternoon, Moyo claimed that Mnangagwa’s government was illegitimate and called for intervention from the international community.

Whilst making threats about bloodshed, he failed to say whether the bloodshed will come from internal sources within the country or external sources from outside Zimbabwe.

This following a turbulent political period after which previous president, Robert Mugabe was overthrown; a topic which Mnangagwa also addressed. He claims that Mugabe never signed his official resignation letter and stated that he was forced out of office by the military forces of Zimbabwe.

He placed emphasis on an urgent need for the United Nations and African Union to involve themselves in this situation, intervene and remove Mnangagwa’s government. The reason for this being that it will prevent serious conflict within the country.

“If you [UN and AU] don’t intervene when there has been such an outrageous, brazen attack on a constitutional order, you are simply opening the floodgates to conflict,” he stated in the interview with Reuters. He went on to say that if there is no intervention, then there will be bloodshed and Zimbabwe will be “another Somalia”.

Moyo’s threats and several other recent statements have been dismissed by the public as negativity towards Mnangagwa’s government, even though the government had already sought to gag him by the country believed to be his host, Kenya. It was later revealed that Moyo didn’t enter Kenya at the time and no one knew where he was posting his Twitter updates from.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, was asked to comment on Moyo’s threats but he dismissed them as well, saying he wouldn’t be wasting his time on Moyo. “Can I be allowed to decline to comment on Jonathan? I think I have better things to worry about,” he said. “I am finished with him.

He is not an issue for this country and he can run and rattle because he has that time. He is not worried about things that I am worried about. How do I continue commenting on a bitter man without myself sounding bitter? I am done with him”.

War veterans’ spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya, said that Moyo’s remarks reflected his own wishful thinking.

He mentioned that he believes that Moyo got hold of money by means of corruption and they now want to use that money in order to cause chaos in Zimbabwe, but the citizens will not take it lying down, saying that he has declared himself an enemy of the state.

“Our strength is based on the people and the principles of the revolution of Zimbabwe. The principles are meant to meet the political and economic objectives of the people of Zimbabwe and this is what the people of Zimbabwe are doing as the basis for the development of our society”.

Zanu PF secretary for youth affairs, Pupurai Togarepi, said that even though Moyo’s remarks should not be taken seriously, the country should remain alert.

He went on to say that Moyo is a bitter man who has failed in his project to destroy Zanu PF. “He must realise that he is wasting his time and he must introspect and realise that he was up against a very strong institution that cannot be destroyed by someone who is greedy and vengeful for his own reasons. He must just go hang.”

Even though the general public seems to ignore Moyo’s statements, Moyo’s supporters are herding him on. Patrick Zhuwao, a key member of the G40 faction, said that there will be chaos in the country if Moyo’s threats are not taken seriously. “There is a groundswell of the #2018Resistance.

The #2018Resistance is growing by the minute.

The #2018Resistance is sprouting throughout Zimbabwe; like mushroom. The #2018Resistance is permeating across all sectors. The #2018Resistance is pervasive throughout the generations.”

Zhuwao went on to say that Mnangagwa should never postpone elections amid rumors that elections are to be postponed by 3 years following Mnangagwa’s rise to success after returning from exile in November last year.

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