This Flag is not a scripted play

This Flag is not a scripted play

BY Trevor Makonyonga

#ThisFlag movement seems to have sunk into most of the people of Zimbabwe on social media. There is that select few that will obviously not understand what this movement is about. They will come up with conspiracies and theories that link the genuine voices of the people to their paranoid imagination of regime change. The majority of Zimbabweans are fighting and striving for survival and insultingly someone says Zimbabweans are not smart enough to decide their destiny. The silence of many people in the country is not because they are content with the situation, but it is because they are either afraid or do not have a platform to air their grievances.

What Pastor Evan Mawarire has started is nothing divorced to the cries of the entire nation. If politicians chose to close their eyes on the vital and critical issues of the citizens, would it be bad if the citizens reopen those blinded eyes by any means possible? If some people choose to pluck out Pastor Evan Mawarire as the bad apple in this thing, then they would be exhibiting their serious mental condition which needs immediate specialist attention. People are suffering and they are hopeless. Below are some points on why people are protesting:

The government signed a water policy document which ushered in pre-paid metres. Now the citizens are acting like idiots protesting over something that was already sanctioned by the government without a public enquiry. If the nation was involved in the crafting of this Water Policy Document then maybe no one will be crying  foul. If someone who was excluded from such a vital decision cries #ThisFlag, are they being pushed by a western force?

Second scenario, in the high density areas there are some places that have not seen running water in years. It becomes a privilege for them to take a shower. An 8 year old, in Mabvuku/Tafara or Maridale in Norton who has not gone anywhere other than their home, will obviously be fascinated to see the proper use of taps. In his/her eyes a tap is a useless toy and he/she would probably ask the parents why they put that useless thing in the house. If that child’s parent says #ThisFlag, don’t you think she knows what she is talking about?

Let us take a 50 year old Zimbabwean who has stayed in Australia for about 9 years. He got an Australian citizenship and he visits back home to see his relatives. At the airport he is told to stand amongst foreigners although the constitution allows dual citizenship. After going out of the country seeking some pastures that are obviously not in here, he comes back and is disowned by his own government. When he says #ThisFlag is his voice going to be heard or are you going to assume that there is someone behind his voice?

And let us look at the unemployed graduate who has done all within his power to live a crime free life. The pressure of his life and the frustrations in his life force him to take drugs. His life is wrapped around by the infamous bronco and tablets (mapaa) and his future at this time seems doomed. So if he hopes to reclaim his future and shouts with a brave loud voice #ThisFlag, why would someone try and silence him?

How about that intelligent beautiful girl from the neighbourhood! She passed her A’Levels and has no funds to further her education. Her dreams of being a lawyer are shattered. She will settle for teaching, nursing or any one of the armed forces. Now she is reclaiming her courage and strength and says #ThisFlag, do you think she will be silenced by any selfish voice?

What about that University student who is not receiving his well deserved grant, that small grade 1 people who goes to school with no shoes and what about that 60 year old civil servant who doesn’t own a home? Are those people bluffing when they say #ThisFlag?

It is imperative that the government of the day listens to the cries of the people. This is not a regime change campaign but a call for the government to be responsible.

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