ThisFlag Movement Founder Attacked in the United States

ThisFlag Movement Founder Attacked in the United States

#ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire has fallen on his social capital. Pastor Mawarire is said to have played into the hands of those who doubted him in the first place. The preacher who
dominated headlines for the right reasons, temporarily assuming the symbolic role of a Messiah who has at last arrived to save Zimbabweans, is now suffering an authenticity crisis all over the social mediums

Events unfolding in the 39 year old Pastor’s life are increasingly worrying his fans after his compatriot, Sten Zvorwadza, a British citizen chose to fly back to stay with Zimbabwe’s suffering masses.

READER COMMENTS punched in on the day Mawarire called for a stay away on the 31 August 2016 saying “We’re not stopping no matter what you say or do to us. Stop treating us like dogs, we are the citizens of Zimbabwe.”

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