Time for change

Time for change


#thisflag activist

IT is surprising that in all most everything there is an age limit. A 65 year old driver cannot drive passengers in a commuter omnibus but a 92 year old is allowed 15 million people.


It is funny how the presidium is treating the running of a country as a gamble and this is absurd and unreasonable. Mugbe at 92 is given the powers to drive, control and monitor a country with a capacity of more than 14 million while a driver of the age 65 is not allowed to drive a bus with a capacity of 78 people.

This means that the lives of 14 million people are not important compared to 78 people. Zanu Pf seems to be enjoying this type of governance.
On the other hand, Zimbabweans have been opened their eyes, but the problem is we still have people who agree to be bused into meetings and shout praises to the president. It is worrying to see unemployed youths being the ones who go around organizing marches so as to console their positions as unemployed youths.

What is even disturbing is that they are not benefiting anything from being part of these good for nothing marches. It would have been better if those who participated in the one million man march had houses registered against their names at the Deeds office. Maybe a house is too much, lets say a owning a car, maybe am too harsh lets say they have a stable, ethical and lawful source of income. They own none of those, the only thing they can claim theirs are clothes belonging to them, and that’s if we subtract the ZANU PF regalia that makes up 90% of their wardrobe.

In other words, this means that a person who has 10 shirts, 9 of those are party regalia and they can only claim ownership to one shirt. This is what Zanu Pf youths have agreed to. They have made their status lower than that of a pig. It is so funny how they can chant the name of the party but they have nothing to feed their own mouths. They have been easily fooled to believe that they will one day rule the country, but when will you rule it when the first secretary has 92 years old. Tell me, if you are below 35 years, how many Zanu pf party members are above age of 35 and how many are above 40. If succession within Zanu Pf was easy, right now we would have been aware of the President’s successor but surprisingly any probable successor is always eliminated.

Zanu Pf does not belong to people, it belongs to the first family and friends. As long as you are not related to the first family and you are not a close friend to them, I’m honored to tell you that forget about ruling Zimbabwe and focus on changing the driver because Zimbabwe will not go anywhere with one driver who has been tired ever since he got into the driving seat. If war of independence could not convince him to leave presidency when its due then trust me, he won’t leave it for the loyal supporters of the party until you get booted out of the party for challenging him.

My president I wish you a long life, however not long life as a president but as a citizen of Zimbabwe. I wish you long life to see Zimbabwe being driven out of the muddy, rocky surfaces that you have taken it to. My president we love you as a human being and fellow citizen but not as our president anymore. Please being human for once and listen to the demands of your people. We don’t hate you but we hate the manner you have run this country and that you have forgot that sometimes there is need to apply breaks. If you forgot, i can forgive, but now that you know, its time to apply them

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