‘Tsvangirai should stop playing with the people,’ says Zunde Zimbabwe News Day Zimbabwe News Day

‘Tsvangirai should stop playing with the people,’ says Zunde Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai

The newly formed Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde) party has blasted major political parties in the country accusing them of betrayal and failing to guarantee freedom among the people.

Zunde secretary-general Moses Chamboko slammed Zanu-PF for its policy inconsistencies and MDC-T for the big tent strategy where it was hoping to get along with the former ruling party senior officials operating under the name People First.

Chamboko urged the MDC-T to stop playing with the people after it allegedly donated parliamentary seats to Zanu-PF following its by-election boycott stance.

He alleged the so-called ‘big tent’ which the MDC-T was talking about was joining former Zanu-PF characters among them Didymus Mutasa, Temba Mliswa and Jabulani Sibanda who ‘only yesterday were terrorising opposition members and farmers against any resistance to dictatorship’.

But Chamboko described the idea as “selling out”.

“We are not surprised that Morgan Tsvangirai calls these pretenders heroes because he did the same for Mugabe during the GNU (Government of National Unity).

“We are not naïve or cowards. Soon we will expose these emerging real Weevils. Sellouts must stand aside,” he said.

“Barely converted Border Gezi commanders and Zanu-PF thugs who have raped, tortured and maimed innocent civilians in the name of Zanu-PF will trick him no matter how Tsvangirai tries.”

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