US military base in Turkey under siege

US military base in Turkey under siege

Letter to the editor: I would like to ask if you might know about or have any information reegarding the US military base in Turkey that is under siege.

Power and water were cut off to the base on 7/19, and there are riots nearby. No U.S. newspapers are reporting on this.. They  seem to have been silenced. President Obama is also silent regarding this situation. Since he and Mr. Erdogan are of like-mind on many issues, I have a feeling that Mr. Obama may be trying to turn over the military base to Mr. Erdogan under the guise of a terrorist attack. This could mean the deaths of our military personnel there, and their families.

There are also approximately 50 hydrogen bombs stored on that base. I am a life-long student of history and politics, and to me, this feels like another Benghazi, but on a much larger scale. I hope that I’m wrong. I would be deeply grateful for any information that you are able to share.

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