Where is Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

Where is Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

mugabe-sad-angry-sand-forlonThree years after the 2013 elections, Zimbabwe is going through one of its worst socio-economic challenges characterized by a severe drought, cash shortages, the non-payment of civil servants salaries and clueless government ministers.

By Jacob Mafume

Since 2013, Patrick Chinamasa, the Finance Minister has failed to alleviate the serious economic challenges facing the country and for the third successive month this year, Chinamasa has failed to pay civil servants their monthly salaries.

University lecturers are still to receive the 2015 annual bonus and most pensioners are failing to get access to their medical prescriptions as they fail to withdraw their money from the banks.

While the country is in turmoil, President Robert Mugabe is nowhere to show leadership.  Mugabe’s government has failed to feed the nation or have a plan to mitigate the ravaging drought and the country seems to be in auto-pilot.

Due to the devastating drought experienced this year, an estimated five million people have no adequate means to meet their food requirements as their crops were a right off and livestock is dying due to water shortages.

A high number of vulnerable families have resorted to selling their assets in order to buy food while over a million of children of school going age have dropped from class and are forced to beg for food.

There is also a rise in gross abuse of human rights by the state agents with the heavily armed police brutally assaulting peaceful citizens demonstrating against the worsening economic situation and a strong message on the introduction of bond notes.

Corruption in government and state enterprises is on the rise and no attempts to stop it.

The country is losing billions of dollars through corruption and the looting machinery of Zanu PF.  Factional fights among Zanu PF ministers over succession plans continue with the ministers spending time involved in personal ambitions than serving the interests of the people.

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we also note with concern the continued abuse by the Zanu PF government of the veterans of the liberation of the struggle.

The country’s Constitution is clear in that the state and all institutions and agencies of government at every level must accord due respect, honour and recognition to the veterans of the liberation struggle.

However, state institutions such as the courts, police and prisons are being used by Zanu PF to purge war veterans who have send strong messages against the misgovernance of Mugabe.

This is dereliction of duty by Mugabe and in our view his absence in showing sound leadership means he is old and unfit to grasp issues and continue performing his constitutional duties.

The failure by the Mugabe regime to deliver on its 2013 election promises demands that a National Transitional Authority (NTA) is urgently put in place

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