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Why African immigrants must vote to leave the EU


My name is Dotun Oyeniyi, I am an expert in Immigration Law and I intend to look at the upcoming IN/OUT referendum of the U.K., mainly from its potential effects on immigrants from outside the EU, beyond the current ‘scaremongering’ going on among the party leaders.

Many years ago, the U.K. was a place to easily get jobs by non-EU immigrants. The expansion of the EU has changed all that. Most employers are likely to prefer EU applicants to non-EU ones, the latter possibly with the shackles of visa renewals and extensions.

Did you ever hear about the HSMP (The highly skilled migrant programme) and the Tier 1 (General) visa routes? These enabled so many skilled African immigrants to emigrate to the UK, legally and thereafter ‘settle’ with relative ease. Both routes are now closed. Why would the UK need them when so many immigrants workers from the EU have entered the UK, freely.

Talking of ‘unskilled jobs’ like cleaning, security and such – have you noticed that non-EU immigrants are gradually being replaced by EU immigrants, especially the Eastern Europe Immigrants?

Remaining in the EU implies that the UK employers have to ‘technically’ give priority to 500 million members of the EU before considering say African immigrants. What chance do you stand in such?

Have you heard of the IHS? The health surcharge that is paid for immigration applications by non-EEA related applications. It is charged because the NHS is under pressure. The pressure on the NHS is caused mostly by the EU immigrants but it is the non-EU immigrants that bear the brunt.

Leaving the EU will create a level playing field for all to compete for jobs and accommodation. If the UK remains in the EU, with Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro waiting in the wings to join, the non- EU immigrants may end up being completely ’emasculated’.


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