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‘Why do people continue to vote for Zanu-PF? – ZUDA –

Zimbabwe United Democratic Advocates member Chris Christian has questioned as to why the people in Zimbabwe are said to be loving he ruling Zanu-PF and have been electing the party for the past 35 years despite the problems which have been associated with the ruling party.

“Hypocrites, if you claim not to like Zanu-PF then why have you been electing it into Power for the past 35 years?” he said.

“You claim Zanu-PF has been rigging elections so if that’s the case then Zanu-PF is a Smart political party and it must continue to reign Zimbabwe forever because it means Zanu-PF is smarter than the Super Power Countries, eg United States of America, Observers, Britain, Observers, European, Observers, etc. To be frank, sometimes i do not understand people’s thinking.”

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