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“You are ungrateful” President Mugabe tells civil servants

141210mugabe-jpgPresident Mugabe on Friday accused civil servants of being ungrateful as they continue pestering bankrupt government over salaries.

President Mugabe was addressing Zanu PF supporters at Chipadze stadium in Bindura where he said civil servants were ungrateful for government’s efforts in trying to provide salaries.

He said there is need for civil servants to appreciate the little that government is doing as the country faces a myriad of challenges, making it difficult for salaries to be delivered on time.

““Those who go on strike do not understand our problems. It does not mean we are poor, but we are getting our money late because of sanctions.

“Businesses are not banking their money. This is where we get the money to pay our civil servants,” Mugabe said.

He went on to urge doctors, teachers and nurses to stop strikes.

“We only delayed their salaries, not that we will not pay them. It is because some of them do not understand how bad things are because they have never been in the liberation struggle. There was no money, but we sacrificed,” fumed Mugabe.

The Zanu PF first secretary said those protesting over poor service delivery should look at the root cause of the economic quagmire that the country is facing.

The nonagenarian leader warned the military forces to desist from using force against churches that have voluntarily supported the party.

This comes after Mashonaland Central-based Vadzidzi VaJesu Apostolic Church founder and patriarch, Madzibaba Wimbo, was reportedly being held as a hostage.

He emphasized that the use of guns never solves problems and could lead to civil strife if not carefully dealt with.

Turning to bond notes, Mugabe said there is no going back as they (Bond Notes) will be a counter measure to the ailing economy.

“Bond notes will come to address the cash crisis we are in, our people should embrace them as they are real money.

“We do not print the US dollar hence it is in short supply, our banks do not have money as a result we came up with these bond notes.

“Be rest assured that we want to see a better life for every one of us but it is going to take a long time before that happens as we are under sanctions,” assured Mugabe.

The veteran leader had to address thousands of supporters, who waited all day for him, in the dark after spending hours locked in meetings with top Mashonaland Central Province executives.

Party supporters had to endure the long wait in the cold.

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