‘You Will Go Gaddafi Style’, Joice Mujuru Warns President Mugabe

‘You Will Go Gaddafi Style’, Joice Mujuru Warns President Mugabe

Opposition leader Joice Mujuru yesterday overcame attempts to block her from holding her maiden rally in Bindura and warned the ruling President Robert Mugabe that he, like other dictators such as Gaddafi, could be consumed by the people’s power if he continues to use repression as a tool against protestors.

Thousands of Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), the party which Mujuru now leads following her sacking from government and Zanu PF by Mugabe, defied intimidation to come out in huge numbers to attend her maiden rally in the province which used to be her stomping ground.
Mujuru’s rally was held on the backdrop of a police ban on demonstrations in Harare after a wave of protests unnerved the ruling party.

“I tried to introduce developmental projects but they resisted that.“Mugabe, people are now tired they do not want to be suppressed anymore,” warned Mujuru to loud cheers.

“The Bindura Town Council tried to block our rally, saying it would be violent but they failed to do so. “I was waiting for this day in Mashonaland Central where there are well known thugs.

“But I don’t want you to kill people for me to be the president. We showed them that our party is strong.

“Ndiri mwana wenyu handina kurasa hunhu ndichiko aiva manyepo amaiudzwa (I have not gone rogue, all that you heard were lies),” added Mujuru, who was sacked by Mugabe in the run-up to the Zanu PF December, 2014 congress on untested allegations of plotting to topple him.

Turning to war veterans, Mujuru, herself a respected ex-combatant, said Zanu PF no longer respects the people who fought for the country’s independence.

“We want to respect war veterans and not behave like a person who is never tired of travelling, a person who would like to have his passport stamped in every country,” said Mujuru. dailynews

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