Zanu Pf successfully holds illegal demo

Zanu Pf successfully holds illegal demo


HARARE — Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF party yesterday staged an illegal demonstration in the streets of Harare CBD and surprisingly the police did nothing to stop this demonstration from happening. Psychology Maziwisa dubbed the so called demo as cleaning the streets of Harare that were vandalized by angry protestors.


What is surprising with this demo is that Police officers did not even try to prevent it from happening compared to what they did on Friday when water canons were used to disperse a peaceful gathering of people who were waiting to start their demonstration. Although  Professor Jonathan Moyo who recently enrolled to be a second year part-time law student had said the demo at 10.00 was illegal in terms of the court order, it seemed he forgot to consult his constitutional law notes, and realize that the constitution gives every citizen a right to gather anywhere they want as long such place is not prohibited. This clearly means that the people who had assembled on Friday, at Freedom Square even before the demo started were lawfully gathered as protected by section 58(1) of the Constitution.

The demonstration was attended by the Zanu Pf party youths and they closed down some of the roads in the city center all in the name of cleaning the city. No authorization was presented to prove that the demonstration was lawful, and it seems they did not need it at all. The Deputy Secretary of the Zanu PF Youth League, Kudzai Chipanga openly claimed that they were the only party allowed to do what they want in Zimbabwe.


The holding of the demonstration and the failure of the police to stop this demonstration from continuing has put the Zimbabwe Republic Police on spotlight as they have been presented to be partisan, and specifically being Zanu PF followers. The demonstration came barely two days after NERA had staged a demo that turned out to be violent due to the police who acted unruly upon demonstrators resulting to some properties being damaged while some people got injured.




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