Zanu Pf youths to demonstrate against their leadership

Zanu Pf youths to demonstrate against their leadership


BULAWAYO – Zanu Pf national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere recently launched residential stands at Mvutshwa farm 3 weeks ago and thousands of youth were gathered to witness the breaking down for ground. There were reported to be free and thousands of youths were registered.

However there seems to be change in the events as they are ordered to pay a registration fees of $5 and monthly installments of $50 a month for 60 months.
The youths are said to be complaining about the change of heart.

Tomorrow 30 July there is an inter district meeting at Stanley Square in Bulawayo, in a bid to solve the situation. It is reported that there will be a demonstration against their leaders following the developments taking place.

This could be the first march against Zanu Pf leadership by the youth…


Updates will follow tomorrow as events unfold…


Source remains anonymous.

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