Zim resident consume the bulk of power supply: ZERA

Zim resident consume the bulk of power supply: ZERA


Kenneth Matimaire

NYANGA – Zimbabwe’s residential areas are consuming 33 percent, which is the bulk of the country’s energy consumption per distinguished sector as compared to other key recipients, the Zimbabwe Regulatory Authority (ZERA) revealed.

ZERA chief executive officer Gloria Magombo indicated that government is expected to introduce Statutory Instruments that coerce residents to save power by way of issuing a ban on incandescent bulbs and electricity powered guessers.

Magombo said water geysers consume 40 percent of domestic power while incandescent bulbs use 60 watts by seven (rooms) per household against a seven watts per room electrified LED bulb that produce the same amount of light.

She said residents have a pivotal role to play to ensure that the country continues to have uninterrupted electricity supply by means of energy saving measures.

“Domestic consumes about 33 percent of the total energy which is sold in the country. From the energy audit, we found that there is a lot of potential for domestic saving, if residents switch from electric heaters to solar water heaters. So there is a lot of potential to save there. You find that 40 percent of domestic power is consumed by geysers and if they change from electric heating to solar heating there will be significant savings. And we are also advocating that for those that cannot afford solar heaters should use geyser timers, which only allow them to run at a limited time per day, preferably after pick hours.

“We also appeal that residents use gas for cooking. So we want to exhaust all potential areas of saving so that the power saved is channeled towards other sectors,” she told a Business Leaders Conference organised by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

Magombo said it is imperative for residents to voluntarily implement energy savings measures since failure will coerce government to expedite policies that will fine defaulters.

She indicated that government is currently working at the National Solar Water Heating Programme that will be complete by 2017.

ZERA also indicated that they are looking at possible measures to save energy in other power consuming sectors.

The national energy consumption ratio indicates that domestic use is followed by the commercial sector, which includes buildings, light industries and shops with a combined consumption of 25 percent. Industry and mining consumption also stands at 18 percent while sub transmission, which is mainly powered to mining consuming 15 percent with agriculture chewing seven percent of power supply.

Institutions and public lighting consume the least power as they receive one percent each.

According to the 2014 National Energy Efficient Audit released last year, Zimbabwe can save up to 377 megawatts of power, which is the size of a US$600 million power station, through implementing energy efficiency measures.

On a policy point of view, Zera has devised to remove duty on energy efficiency and renewable energy products, implement the National Solar Water Heating Programme, ban incandescent bulbs, issue duty incentives on energy efficiency improvements and Energy Management Policy, which promotes business migration to LED lights.

ZERA has since commenced the training of Certified Energy Managers to implement energy efficient measures in their respective businesses.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has a current power supply of 1 287MW against its installed capacity of 1 936MW where imported electricity accounts for 380MW.


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