Zimbabwe Republic Police Cops Fall, Member of Parliament Arrested

Zimbabwe Republic Police

Zimbabwe Republic Police cops fell below the bar in Gwanda on Saturday morning. Police officers crashed down to their lowest when they arrested a sitting member of parliament who was busy in her parliamentary job of assessing the protests on Saturday.

Since MPs are under a constitutional mandate to monitor day to day events countrywide, this latest development means the ZRP has finally lost its international rating as a legitimate law enforcement agency.

HON Nomathemba Ndlovu (MDC-T) was today harassed and picked up by police officers on allegations of taking part in a NERA demonstration this morning.

Sources in Gwanda told us about sixty people gathered at Phakama business centre in the town this morning singing revolutionary songs determined to match into the street of the town surrounded by over 200 heavily armed anti-riot police.

The group among them prominent activist Bekezela Maduma Fuzwayo, MDCT Senator Bheki Sibanda and Honourable Ndlovu defied police intimidation for over two hours singing revolutionary songs denouncing the Robert Mugabe-led government.

Irritated by the singing and placard carrying small group, the contingent of police comprising anti-riot police, members of the law and order police and PISI violently dispersed the crowd arresting the fifteen people in the process.

Organisers of the demonstration who would not say much to the media said that lawyers from Abammeli Human Rights Lawyers from Bulawayo were on their way to Gwanda to seek the release of the fifteen, at the time of writing.

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