Zimbabwe Exiles Forum calls for protests against Imports Ban, Blasts G40

Zimbabwe Exiles Forum calls for protests against Imports Ban, Blasts G40

By Trevor Makonyonga

Advocate Gabriel Shumba from the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum has called on Zimbabweans to protest at all Zimbabwean borders against the recent imports ban from Monday August 8.

In a two and half minute long video, Shumba encouraged Zimbabweans to shun borders and also called on ordinary citizens to join in the protests.

Shumba said, “From Monday 8 August 2016, we will all be protesting at all Zimbabwe’s borders.  Please stay home until further notice. We demand that the government of Zimbabwe abolishes Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016. This statutory instrument as we all know seeks to starve and ban imports into Zimbabwe. We demand that basic necessities such as cooking oil, blankets, clothes, building materials and other basic necessities be allowed to enter Zimbabwe without hindrance.”

Advocate Shumba also blasted the alleged ZANU PF faction, G40, which he alleged to be benefiting from this imposed ban.

He said, “The so called Generation 40 (G40) which is just a cabal of people with close links to President Robert Mugabe is allegedly smuggling goods; the same goods they are denying us the liberty to bring into the country for their own gratification; their own aggrandizement. This thievery occurs when ordinary citizens are prohibited from a decent living and are doomed to starve. After ruining an entire nation they now want to condemn us the people of Zimbabwe to a life of prostitution and criminality in South Africa and other countries.”

Shumba also called on other organisations for support during the protest.

“We are calling upon solidarity organisations within the region, ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe to shun the Zimbabwean border. Whether you are in Zimbabwe, Botswana or Namibia, we are calling upon you either to avoid the border as from Monday (August 8) or to join us in protesting to cause closure on goods that are bound to enrich a few.

This is a fresh call to protest against the government policies as the wave of protests continues to haunt the Mugabe regime.

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