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Zimbabwe is wealthier than South Africa – Julius Malema


Speaking at a June 16 40th anniversary celebration rally at the Risko Fakude stadium in Embalenhle‚ Secunda‚ on Thursday‚ Malema said Zimbabwe‚ whose economy had shrunk by the brink of the millennium and have recently resorted to selling wild animals‚ was wealthier than South Africa.

“They own their own land. You don’t own any land‚ you don’t even have title deeds. Your parents died without title deeds and your children will not have title deeds because black people don’t own any land‚” Malema told his supporters.

Malema said Zimbabwe‚ which is led by the 92 year old President Robert Mugabe‚ had the potential to employ South Africans.

“….we will be lining up to ask for jobs there because we can’t create our own jobs‚” he said to an applause,

Thousands of EFF supporters filled the stadium clad in their red party regalia and sang while they waited for their leader. mzansilive

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