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Zimbabwe Police Officers Beaten Up

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BREAKING – We are receiving reports that a lot of police officers have been beaten up and defeated by angry crowds in the capital city, Harare.

Shocking pictures taken on Monday variously showed police officers being manhandled and humiliated, just as the MDC party voiced saying people are pointedly “putting this regime on notice.”

“Civil servants have no pay, Zimbabweans are starving, and corruption is rampant in all sectors of the economy,” Morgan Tsvangirai’s party said in hurried statement Monday afternoon.

They continued: “It is ironic that the drivers of the scourge of corruption include the Office of the President and Cabinet and the First Family who recently unprocedurally awarded a multi-million dollar tender for a diesel power plant in Dema to a brother to the President’s son-in-law.

“Zimbabwe is burning. Every sector of the economy is bleeding and only today, commuters and commuter operators in various parts of Harare exercised their constitutional right by demonstrating against the many roadblocks that in essence are State-sanctioned outposts of corruption.

“Zimbabweans themselves are putting this regime on notice and something huge will give if national grievances are not addressed. “

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