Zimbabwe War Vets Raided, Arrested Without Warrant

Zimbabwe War Vets Raided, Arrested Without Warrant

Shocking details are coming out of the court case of National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) executive members who told President Robert Mugabe to resign show that they were illegally arrested.

The court is expected to make the ruling next Wednesday on their application as they challenge their placement on remand.

Magistrate Ms Bianca Makwande ordered the State to ensure that former Officer Commanding Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Law and Order Section Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge submits a report on investigations into insults allegedly hurled by Senior Assistant Commissioner Thulani Ncube to Douglas Mahiya by September 30.

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Mahiya, who is the association’s spokesperson, accuses Snr Ass Comm Ncube – who is now the Officer Commanding Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Law and Order Section – of verbally insulting him.

Mr Makwande said: “There might have been an oversight that a date was not given on the order.

“I am giving State another chance. The report is to be submitted on or before September 30.”

Responding to the application challenging continued remand, prosecutor Mr Tapiwa Kasema said the five had a case to answer.

“The accused were arrested without a warrant on a reasonable suspicion that they committed an offence,” he said.

“The docket is almost complete and accused should remain on remand until the trial date.”

They allegedly made defamatory statements thereby undermining the authority of President Mugabe.

The state alleged that they created the communiqué with the knowledge and realisation that its contents might engender feelings of hostility or cause hatred, contempt or ridicule towards President Mugabe.

On July 18, Mahiya held a meeting at Raylton Sports Club and issued the communiqué to a few journalists leading to the document being published in Newsday and on the internet.

It is alleged that in an interview with SABC reporter, Matemadanda also denigrated the President.

On July 27 a search was conducted at Mahiya’s residence, and copies of the communiqué were found as well as documents titled “Response to the President’s attack on War Veterans”, which also undermined the President’s authority.

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