Zimbabwean Man in UK Commits Suicide After Killing Wife Breaking news Read on ZIMBABWENEWSDAY.CO.UK

Zimbabwean Man in UK Commits Suicide After Killing Wife

The Zimbabwean community in the UK woke up to sad news after one of their own identified as Robert Gore murdered his wife  Rumbidzai Magaya.

Robert is said to have killed Rumbidzai in the early hours of the morning after he suspicions rose that the wife  could have been seeing someone else on the side.

Robert went into hiding after committing this gruesome offence and before they could even digest the news of Rumbidzai’s passing, his body was discovered in a bush located in the north Nottingham. He apparently committed suicide after killing his wife.

The couple was living in Nottingham.They have one child together. Our sources have informed us that Robert had on several occasions threatened to kill Rumbidzai if she did not stop cheating on him.  More to follow. Check update tonight. Spread the word to friends!

May the deceased’s’ souls Rest in Peace.

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