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Zimbabwean Police and Militery Disappear

IMG-20160706-WA0007-1-696x928Soldiers and police officers were missing all over Zimbabwe on Wednesday morning as the historic mass stay away hit the nation early morning at 7am.
Zimbabwenewsday can reveal that in all areas toured around the country, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Zengeza and selected parts of the capital, Harare, there was not a single uniformed officer on the streets.

This came about as the security forces were publicly warned in writing that they will be individually attacked if they dare encroach to disturb civilians. Two days before, the entire police force members were also cautioned by the police commissioner Augustine Chihuri not to agitate the public.

This week goes down in history as the first time in Zimbabwe that the arrmy and police have retreated from the crowds whose collective anger continued to rise against the government. Sharing is caring. Share this article 

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