ZRP Force runs short of Tear gas and shields

ZRP Force runs short of Tear gas and shields

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has ordered provincial offices to collect all tear gases, baton sticks and shields to Harare following the rampant protests in the capital; a trusted insider from the Zimbabwe police force has confirmed.

A Mashonaland Central truck was pictured (captured) loading the much-needed weapons at Mvurwi station on Thursday 8 September 2016.

While speaking to ZimbabweNewsDay a source that declined to be named said all was not well in the Zimbabwe Police force as there are running shot of tear gas shields and button sticks in this protest season.


The Zimbabwe Riot Police During Demos

“The truck came to collect tear gases, shields and button sticks as you know these Tajamuka/Sesijikile guys are just protesting any minute hence they took the fighting resources to beef up security in the capital.

Furthermore, off days are now scarce today, and people are being called to the capital to tighten security,” said the source.
Meanwhile, efforts to contact Senior Assistant Commission Charity Charamba were to no avail.

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