Massive Gukurahundi demonstrations


This is to announce that Siphesakhe Youth Organisation will be embarking on a public demonstration against Zimbabwean Government’s Gukurahundi Genocide against the people of Matebeleland and Midlands (Mthwakazi) and its continued brutal Gukurundi system against the people of Matebeleland and Midlands soon.

Gukurahundi Genocide was planned and consolidated with a 1979 Grand Plan Document against the Matebele and the white community in Zimbabwe before Zimbabwe got independence.

Its sole aim has always been black domination of other Nations. The revised 1979 Grand Plan seeks to extend is tentacles in South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa and exercise Shona hegemony in key Institutions of all countries.

A date will be announced for this demonstration and appeal to all Matebeleland people and friends of Matebeleland to join us in large numbers in this demonstration once the date has been announced.

The demonstration will also demand Freedom, Truth, Justice and Reparations for the people of Matebeleland for the Genocide committed against them.

Lastly the demonstration will be a call on the South African Government to give the people of Matebeleland a “Special Immigration Protection Status” in South Africa as they are an endangered people who are hounded out of their Homeland by the Genocidal State of Zimbabwe.

The demonstration will also call for Gukurahundi Denialism to be made illegal and prosecutable in South Africa and other civilized Nations.

Since 1893 the people of Matabeleland and Midlands (Mthwakazi) have known no peace or freedom.  The1980 independence saw the people of Matebeleland jumping from a white colonialist frying pen to a black tribal colonialist frying pan. Years of white domination have been replaced by years of black domination, genocide and oppression.

Let us come to think of it. An oppressor is an oppressor is an oppressor; the colour of skin of the oppressor does not matter.

1983 to 1987 saw Matebeleland and Midlands being turned into the “rivers of blood” of Southern Africa, the first ever black Genocide to be committed by black government post colonialism. Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo, the Commander-in-Chief of the ZIPRA forces and leader of Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) and an African liberation icon who had close links with Mandela’s ANC was hounded out of Zimbabwe into exile during Mugabe’s Genocidal adventures in Matebeleland.

Mugabe and his tribal supporters had called for his hanging. His head had been demanded on a platter. In the middle of fending off the forces of evil at the time, Joshua Mabuko Nkomo made a stunning reflection of the vain of the struggle he and others had fought for and said, “The hardest lesson of my life has come to me late.

It is that a nation can win freedom without its people being free”. This was a reference to the people of Matebeleland and Midlands. They remain not free to this day. They are under state attack. They are regarded as the enemy of the State of Zimbabwe.

Since 1980, the people of Matebeleland have never known peace and remain under a heavy yoke of tribal tyranny and oppression with the Gukurahundi system firmly in operation in various forms, shapes and guises. People of Matebeleland suffer all forms exclusions in all sectors of life in their own Homeland.

They have been driven out of Matebeleland and Midlands to neighbouring countries in their millions. In their absence, the notorious regime has gone for broke with its land confiscation and land occupation programme in Matebeleland under the pretext of Land Acquisition from White Farmers.

Productive farms that are a source of income for the people of Matebeleland and Midlands are targeted for confiscation against the will of local communities. We must intervene before land wars begin. The actions of the Government of Zimbabwe are a powder-keg for serious conflict that might engulf the whole of Southern Africa.

The reasons and the justification of Genocide are notoriously based on the hatred of the Nguni peoples in general and those found in Matebeleland, who form a small percentage of all the peoples of Matebeleland and Midlands and yet form the largest ethnic group in Southern Africa.

All the people of Matebeleland and Midlands have been collectively labelled settlers who deserve to go back to South Africa because of the Nguniphobia of the State of Zimbabwe. They are being hounded out of their Homeland to go and settle in Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana.

Gukurahundi Genocide survivors have been told to go back to these countries and forcibly made to go through all forms of exclusions that have reduced Matebeleland to be the Auschwitz of Zimbabwe and Africa. This cannot be allowed to on under our watch as a young generation of Southern Africa. We must collectively put a stop to it.

Since the 80s many people of Matebeleland and Midlands have been forced to flee their territory for their safety and many in their millions have sought sanctuary here in the Republic of South Africa. Many remain “illegal immigrants” as their statuses have proved very difficult to regularize.

It is in this regard that we call on the South African government via the Home Affairs Minister led by honourable Minister Malusi Gigaba to offer the people of Matebeleland a “Special Immigration Protection status” visa to regularise their stay here in South Africa. They are a vulnerable and a stateless people who deserve special protection.

They deserve special protection as they are targeted by a ruthless Zimbabwean state. We owe them protection and understanding of the challenges they face as survivors of Genocide.

As young South Africans and with close links with the people of Matebeleland and Midlands, it will be unbecoming of us to sit on our laurels and fold our arms and watch this diabolic situation hurting our kith and kin.  Matebeleland needs freedom.

Our brothers need Truth, Justice and Reparations about Genocide in Zimbabwe. Our Matebele brothers and sisters residing in the Republic of South Africa need our protection. They needed it yesterday; they need it today and tomorrow.

As South Africans we must not forget so easily that uMkhonto weSizwe led by the late Chris Hani and others operated with Zipra forces in Matabeleland in their advance of the struggle against apartheid South Africa.

Matebeleland and Midlands people contributed immensely to the freedom we enjoy today, South African freedom. We cannot abandon them in their hour of need.

The principle of African Ubuntu calls on us South Africans as a collective to support Matebeleland to gain its freedom lost in 1894 when colonialism showed its ugly face and destroyed their Kingdom. They need freedom badly.

In our effort to raise the awareness of the Matebeleland problem and in support of their struggle against black oppression and Genocide committed against them, we are organizing a solidarity demonstration to call for their freedom, Truth, Justice and Reparations for Genocide against them and to be given a Special Immigration Protection Status in South Africa.

We will be writing a letter soon to the Honourable South Africa Home Affairs minister Malusi Gigaba requesting him consider giving the people of Matebeleland  this “Special Immigration Protection status” visa due to their vulnerability.

We are not moved by anything and we condemn tribalism and racism in the strongest terms possible.

We strongly believe that everyone must be treated with dignity and respect and has the right to life without any segregation and marginalization. As young South Africans and human rights theatre activists it is our duty to secure a bright future for Matebeleland and its future generations. Africa cannot be free without a free Matebeleland.

Africa cannot be free without the freedom of other small nations suffering under the yoke of state persecution and subjugation in the whole of Africa. Freedom needs to be redefined in Africa to include the freedom of small nations.

Soon and very soon we will be marching to raise the awareness profile of Gukurundi Genocide here in South Africa and hopefully in Africa and around the world. Many Africans are not aware of this Genocide committed against the people of Matebeleland in Zimbabwe.

It is therefore our wish to shine a light on it and put it on the international radar of injustices committed against humanity and demand Freedom, Truth, Justice and Reparations for the people of Matebeleland.

We will engage South African authorities on the issue of “Special Immigration Protection Status” for the people of Matebeleland in this country.

We will campaign for Freedom for Matebeleland. We will campaign for Truth, Justice and Reparations for Gukurahundi. Fourthly we will campaign for Gukurahundi Denialism to be made illegal and a prosecutable crime in South Africa and in other civilized Nations.

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