Minister Kasukuwere has flatly denies owning a 50 bedroom house in Harare

Minister Kasukuwere

Local Government minister Savior Kasukuwere has flatly denied owning a 50 bedroom house in Harare.

On Sunday, twitter users fronted by Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube and popular social media user under the name @maDube_ took Kasukuwere to task on the house ownership.

Ncube had challenged the minister to come clean on the house.

Posted Ncube “So if you @Hon_Kasukuwere don’t own this house who is the actual real owner? Soon we will know
Hon S Kasukuwere “.

Kasukuwere responded “@TrevorNcube @ @ali_naka @ali_naka Wamagaisa Sir that’s not my house . Ask the owner were he got the money . You are asking the wrong man !”

Ncube continued “My brother @Hon_Kasukuwere this answer might come back to bite. Internet does not forget

“Nope. Let us have the title deeds @Hon_Kasukuwere”.

Concerned Citizen under username of ‏@Muzimba1980 said “@Hon_Kasukuwere @TrevorNcube @ali_naka well well well look who is denying their house? Corruption is catching up?”.


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